If you want to see God’s
Kingdom grow faster than ever, read this book!
Samuel Rodriguez

“You won’t be able to read this book and not feel an urgency to take your praying to another level and to tell someone about Jesus!”
Richard Blackaby, Experiencing God, The Ways of God



In By Name, Brian Alarid will equip and inspire you to pray for people and lead them to Jesus using the five lifestyle habits that Jesus modeled: pray, listen, eat, serve and share.

This book will help you love people like Jesus and impact your friends, family, neighbors, classmates and co-workers for eternity.



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Life Group Videos


Session 1: The Power of Names

This video sets up the context of Chapter 1. God loves us and He knows us all by name. 

Session 2: Pray for All & Love like Jesus

There are two videos on this link. The first one is the vision behind Pray for All. The second is the story of Brian & Maz, featured in Chapter 2.  

Session 3: Begin with Prayer

The first video sets up the context of Chapter 3, which is all about praying for others. There is a second video that contains the story of Brian’s professor, Lisa, featured in Chapter 3. 

Session 4: Listen to Them

The first video sets up the content of Chapter 4, which is all about really listening to people. The second is the story of Nemo and how she began talking to Jesus after a semester of befriending Brian.

Session 5: Eat with Them

The first video sets up the context of Chapter 5, which talks about sharing meals to build true friendships with people. The second video is the story of Ken, the city councilor who met Jesus over chips and salsa. 

Session 6: Serve Them

The first video sets up the context of Chapter 6, which deals with finding a need in someone’s life and meeting it. The second video tells the story of our relationship with our dear Snoop, who met Jesus as we served her.

Session 7: Share Jesus with Them

This first video sets up the context of Chapter 7, which talks about sharing Jesus with others. The second video is a story of how I learned that evangelism is a team sport. 

‘By Name’ Promo Trailer

This is a promo video for the book, By Name, by Brian Alarid, that life groups and churches can play to promote a book study or an upcoming event. 

Leading transformation through prayer and mission

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