Get to Know Brian

Brian Alarid is, first and foremost, a servant of Jesus Christ. Husband and Father of 3 beautiful children. Servant Leader. Pastor and Preacher of the Gospel. Prayer Mobilizer. Leadership Coach. Advocate for the Poor. Lover of People. And it all began over 40 years ago when Brian accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of 4.

Brian's Story

When People Pray

In When People Pray, Brian Alarid takes us on the journey that led him to discover that everyone has a movement inside them, and prayer is the spark that ignites it. Small prayers, bold prayers, sun-stand-still-prayers, and impossible prayers have one thing in common. They all find their answers in Jesus, who changes everything, especially us. Drawing on God's Word, his personal experiences, and the stories of many others, Brian will inspire you to go deeper in prayer than you have ever gone before.

When People Pray

Uniting Pastors & Churches in Prayer

Brian's biggest passion is uniting and equipping pastors and churches in prayer. Brian serves as the President and CEO of America Prays. The vision of America Prays is to unite and equip 40,000 churches in 24/7 prayer for a national spiritual awakening. He is also the Founder and Co-Chairman of New Mexico Prays, a network of over 100 churches in 27 cities covering New Mexico in 24/7 prayer. Brian believes that only a united church can heal a divided nation and he devotes the majority of his time to personal prayer and mobilizing churches in prayer to see the greatest spiritual awakening in the history of our nation.

America Prays